400,000 BTU Titanium Salt Water Pool Heat Exchanger for Solar & Geothermal

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400,000 BTU Titanium Pool Heat Exchanger [Solar & Geothermal applications]

Product Data:
1" FNPT Shell (Boiler) Side, 1 1/2" PVC Slip Union Tube (Pool) Side
Built in PVC unions for easy installation
Removable titanium tube bundle heat transfer surface
Integrated Thermostat Pocket
Shell made of cast iron
Tube side operating pressure 43.5 PSIG
Shell side operating pressure 43.5 PSIG
Operating temperature up to 120C
Heat exchanger surface made of titanium
Nominal heating capacities up to 400,000 btu/hr for pool applications (Up to a 26,000 gallon pool at a 1F/hr heat up rate)
Eliminates the need for external bypass as the whole pool flow goes through the heat exchanger
Longer unit for use in solar and geothermal applications for maximum heat transfer
Diameter: 4.25 in., Overall Length: 22.44 in.

*Highly recommended for use in saltwater swimming pools
Covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturers defects

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