5"x12" Brazed 70 Plate Heat Exchanger [1" MPT] w/Bracket & Insulation Kit

Part #: BP5X12-70-1-MBIK
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This sale includes a 5"x12" Brazed 70 Plate Heat Exchanger [1" MPT] that is typically used in conjuction with an outdoor wood boiler. These can be used in several applications including baseboard heating systems, radiant floor heating systems, and heating domestic water. Also included is an insulation kit to help reduce heat loss and mounting bracket for easy installation. The insulation kit has an R-Value of 4.4. The insulation kit includes a top, bottom and (5) middle pieces. The top piece has four pre-drilled holes for the mounting studs to poke through. The studs do not poke all the way through the top piece, but can still be used by adding threaded rod to them. There could be some minor trimming of the insulation with a razor for optimal fit. The kit is perforated where the four MPT ports are so they can be cut with a razor or exacto blade.

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