B&G NRF-22 Circulator Pump Outdoor Wood Boiler Furnace [103251]

Part #: BGNRF22CP
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For Residential and Light Commercial Heating Systems

Features & Benefits
  • High starting torque for dependable seasonal start-ups (Up to 80% more than competing circulators).
  • Unique B&G DuraGlide Bearing System assures years of trouble-free start-ups.
  • Closed impeller design improves operating efficiency.
  • DuraGlide Bearing System incorporates several components working together to eliminate seasonal freeze-up.
  • Stabilized, heat resistant, polypropylene impeller, its closed design improves operating efficiency.
  • Self-cleaning particle shield protects the shaft and bearings from system start-up debris.
  • One-piece, high-nickel stainless steel stator can isolates the stator from system fluid and maintains precision bearing alignment for longer bearing life.
  • Carbon bearings, diamond-like ceramic shaft and generous clearances are more resistant to lime, chloride and oxide build-up. Comparable in size to Taco 007.

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