Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why would my order payment be declined?
    There are usually three main reasons why a credit card order would be declined on the KJ site. The first would be insufficient credit limit on your card. The second is possibly that the cvv code on your card is hard to read and the digits entered were not correct, and the third is that your card has a different billing address than the shipping address and it was not edited during the ordering process.

  • How do we ship to Alaska?
    When shipping to Alaska the majority of the time we ship via USPS because it is much faster & less expensive.

  • What can I do if my Paypal payment is declined?
    If you are having problems with Paypal payment on the site you can login to your Paypal account on and click on the link "Send Money". Put in our email address (, the total amount and enter exactly what you want in the notes section and we will process your order accordingly. There are a number of reasons it may decline your Paypal account. For further answers concerning your Paypal account it would be best to contact a Paypal representative.