GEA FlatPlate MPN Nickel Brazed 80 Plate Pool Exchanger Outdoor Wood Furnace

Part #: MPN512-80/114
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This unit is a FlatPlate MPN Nickel Brazed Stainless Steel 80 Plate 5x12 Heat Exchanger. This exchanger is rated to heat up to 1,251,750 BTU/hr. It comes with four 1-1/4" MPT ports. It comes with four 1-1/4" MPT ports. FlatPlate heat exchangers have significant advantages: 1. Smaller Size FlatPlate heat exchangers are up to 60% smaller than traditional shell & tube and coaxial type devices. This means they use less space and weigh less. 2. Higher Performance Plate heat exchangers have higher heat transfer coefficients. This means improved performance and greater versatility for standard applications, high viscosity fluids and special design conditions. In addition, lower fouling rates contribute to long life efficiency. Other technical issues such as higher design working pressures, higher and lower design working temperatures, external frost, freeze and corrosion resistance, and broad Pressure Vessel Code approval are major advantages. 3. Lower Installed Cost - Installed costs of FlatPlate heat exchangers are up to 30% less than other types of comparable heat exchangers. 4. Customer Service - FlatPlate provides unparalleled customer service, computer selections, and excellent technical support. MP Series, Swimming Pool, Steam & Marine FlatPlate's MP Series is designed specifically for multi-purpose Marine and Swimming Pool applications, where chlorine, salt, biological elements or low concentrations of acids are present. It's Nickel brazed, Marine Stainless Alloy plates offer significant improvements in reliability over traditional stainless materials and has high efficiency heat transfer for applications up to 60 gpm per unit. Rated for 150psi. MP Series applications include: Swimming Pool Marine Swimming Pool to Boiler Sea Water to Water Brackish Water Swimming Pool to Heat Pump Water Loop Sea Water to Oil Treated Steam to Fluid Sea Water to Heat Pump Water Loop Fish Tanks Steam Condensate to Fluid Process Applications

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