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20 Plate 5"x12" Nickel Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger [1-1/4" MPT]

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This unit is a 20 Plate Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger.

One common application for these plate exchangers is for use in conjunction with outdoor wood stoves when transferring heat to the existing indoor pressurized boiler system essentially keeping the two fluids separate with optimal heat transfer.

We give realistic heat transfer outputs using realistic flow rates. Any brazed plate heat exchanger can have higher or lower performance data based on temperatures, flow rates, and other variables. 97,000 BTU/hr @ 10 GPM.

Product Data:
  • Material: 316L Stainless Steel plates with 99.9% nickel brazing
  • Type: Liquid to Liquid
  • Connections: 1-1/4" MPT PortsSize: 5" x 12" x (# of plates)
  • Design Pressure: 435 psiTest Pressure: 652 psi
  • Design Temperature: -256F - 437F
  • Approvals: UL Listed
Advantages compared to competition:
  • Wide port spacing to allow for easier installation (2-3/4" C-C)
  • Four Mounting Studs on front cover for ease of installation
  • 1-1/4" MPT connections standard on all units, 1-1/4" MPT connections available on units 40 plates & larger
  • Rated for use in high temperature (437F) and pressure applications (435 psi)

The brazed plate heat exchanger has a simple operating principle. Based on the plate and nozzle orientation, each fluid passes through alternative channels within the heat exchanger. An extremely high heat transfer coefficient is attained due to the flow characteristics in each channel.

A specially designed and tested CHEVRON pattern causes a turbulent flow of the fluid resulting in higher heat transfer and reduction of the amount of deposits inside the unit.

The plates in this exchanger are configured 180 degrees to each other, causing plate ridges to intersect and creates a lattice of intersecting channels. The fluids can be plumbed in counter or co-current way.

The heat exchanger carries a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY.